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Body Contouring

We at Revive are proud to offer the latest and greatest in body contouring through the truSculpt® ID. This fully customizable body contouring treatment has been FDA approved and has permanently reduced fat tissue by up to 24% in patients with a single 15-minute treatment. The treatment by Cutera® is revolutionizing the idea of body contouring, and we’re excited to be
one of the very few locations in the Houston area to offer it! Body contouring has been approached in a number of ways as many have heard of Coolsculpting, which is a treatment involving the process of cryolipolysis to freeze fat cells permanently. The truSculpt ID uses radio frequency alternatively to effectively dissolve fat cells while also tightening skin and reaching a significantly larger range and area with the same treatment. To top it all off, only one treatment is needed to see results as opposed to other methods which can require upwards of two or three at least.

How Does It Work?

The truSculpt ID uses radiofrequency to heat the targeted areas to the precise level of fat cell death leaving the body to dispose of it naturally. Traditionally with fat tissue being removed patients would be left with loose, sagging skin but the same radiofrequency that is used to dissolve it here is also the leading modality used for skin tightening so you are getting a treatment proven to be effective for both concerns. This procedure is a safe and effective way to tone those flanks, thighs, arms, chin and of course, the abdomen in a way that crunches and cardio often struggle to achieve for many people. With no downtime or waiting period, you could get your first treatment on your next lunch break!

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