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In addition to the skincare routines you’re used to and have heard of, Revive Aesthetics offers the latest, most advanced methods for maintaining healthy and beautiful skin.

Glo2Facials helps with hydration, acne, uneven skin tone, or anti-aging. Facials are one of society’s tried and truest practices for taking good care of the skin and we have only gotten better at them. These proven effective, science-backed, non-invasive procedures will give you the best skin you’ve had in years.


Our Glo2Facial is a medical grade three-in-one “super” facial that triggers the natural oxygenating process of the body, this is known as the “Bohr effect”. The process starts with exfoliating the top layer of skin to remove dead skin cells and stimulate the pores. This exposes a fresh, clean layer of skin that will be receptive to the rest of the treatment. The exfoliating process creates a COrich environment on the surface of the newly exfoliated skin.

This triggers the Bohr effect. The Bohr effect is the body’s response to the increased COlevels. The body delivers Orich blood to the skin to replace the CO2. This richly oxygenates the skin and increases cellular activity. This treatment draws oxygen from inside the body to the surface which helps the next step, infusing nutrients.  We infuse nutrients with a relaxing ultrasound treatment which helps the body absorb the nutrients at a deeper level. At the third step, taking advantage of a newly exfoliated, freshly oxygenated skin layer, we provide a state of the art facial massage leaving your skin bright, feeling tighter and glowing with radiance.

The Glo2Facial can be customized to fit your unique skins concerns. Whether it’s hydration, acne, uneven skin tone or anti-aging we have a treatment for you.

We offer a number of facial treatments including Hydrafacials.  Contact us to discuss your needs.

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