BioTE Hormone Pellet Therapy

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Here at Revive we offer Biote’s Hormone Pellet Therapy. This treatment is uniquely fitted to match the hormonal needs of your body. Curating the treatment to your specific hormone levels is as easy as making an appointment for procedural lab work and you can discuss how Biote could help you achieve and maintain that perfect balance. A good hormonal balance contributes to many aspects of life one might not at first expect such as skin health, and bodily immunity, as well as some of the more well-known effects of energy, general wokeness, and libido. Though this balance is important to a variety of functions within the body, it can be very difficult to achieve and is even more so to maintain.

Supplements and chemical approaches to hormone balance can be helpful but are often inconsistent and unreliable over time in achieving a truly sustainable balance. Biote and their innovative bioidentical hormone replacement therapy or “BHRT”, is offering people a way to revitalize their hormone balance and get back the vitality, of a body in equilibrium. Through a pellet relatively the size of a grain of rice, and an organized dispersal process the body can trigger the release of the hormones it needs, when the body itself, simply can’t provide them.  These hormones are derived from a blood sample collected from the patient, to ensure the treatment is bioidentical, and flawlessly accepted by the body as natural hormones. Virtually invisible the procedure is simple, effective, and has the potential to resolve imbalances that have affected your health and well-being whether they may be recent or even chronic. Biote’s BHRT is a powerful tool that is now used preventatively for providers to help address early signs of aging processes on the human body and how to best live with them, while allowing patients to take true control of their health, through hormone optimization. Come on in or call our office today to schedule a consultation to find out if Biote is the right choice for you!

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